Short Analytical Essay

research analysis  This short essay is based on an articles/videos (see listed below) and the principles introduced throughout the course. This is a research analysis of the article topic, not the article….the article/video is only the originating source. Students will submit an APA/MLA formatted analysis essay of at least 750 words in lengths Students will address the following questions in the analysis as well as apply concepts presented in the class discussion and text: Who are the political actors (including organizations) and what are their respective interests? How does this article demonstrate the inner workings of government institutions? Is this representative of U. S. political culture? Why or why not? Discuss the ways in which the events described in the article impacted the greater community. It is suggested that you research the event topic beyond the supplied video/short article. The grade for the essay will be based on demonstrated comprehension of the topic, critical and analytical thinking as well as writing skills. This is not an opinion piece but a research essay and requires supported arguments. Please make sure you supply in-text citations and reference page. Remember paraphrase material/claims need a supporting citation. Also, do not write this in the first person. OPTIONS FOR ASSIGNMENT – Smith, Martin. 2005. Frontline: The Storm. PBS. Retrieved from: Trump faces bureaucratic battle in implementing agenda—Fox News The Republicans fold on healthcare- The Atlantic High Court strikes down gun ban- CNN Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Another Legal Loss- New York Times You may choose any of the above options for your assignment.