Short story “the ones who walked away from omelas”

EGL 102 Research Paper: Subject/Topic: A study of a single poem or short story. Requirements: LENGTH: 6-8 pages SOURCES : A minimum of FIVE secondary sources; At least one but no more than three of your sources must be a critical essay from Poetry for Students OR Short Stories for Students; At least one of your sources must be another scholarly article located through a library database; At least one of your sources must be located in a library book other than PFS. Encyclopedia-style sources will not fulfill the four-secondary source minimum. Do not use Wkipedia, Shmoop, Grade Saver, or similar sites as one of your required sources, and only if the wiki article has something to contribute of a special nature. DOCUMENTATION: As a general rule, undergraduate papers should demonstrate sufficient support from sources by having at least one in-text citation per paragraph.