Shortage of nurses in North Carolina

 ENG 112.65,.08 / Major Writing Project #2: “Problem/Solution” & Toulmin / Rogerian Strategies Fall ‘19 Three Options: Choose one of the following possibilities and prepare an argumentative essay of at least five paragraphs that demonstrates the elements of the Toulmin approach to rhetoric: a strongly-stated claim; qualifying reason (s); sufficient grounds; a clear warrant (stated or implied); justification of the warrant; and concession to and rebuttal of the major anticipated counter-points. If possible, draw this topic from your current/intended field of study/future profession! Use the Toulmin or Rogerian approach discussed in class; include citation / quotation from at least two sources. Be sure to attach a correct Works Cited to the essay! Regardless of which strategy you choose, remember that the finished product should consist of AT LEAST FIVE PARAGRAPHS or more! Be sure to limit this “problem” to a state-wide level; you can extend the scope of the problem for your SA-DRP to a national or global level! 1) In a letter addressed to _______________ (a person or group of interest), address a situation/problem that you feel should be improved or corrected. Point out how correcting this problem will enhance the _______________ (organization’s / institution’s / business’s) operation/efficiency/function/profit margin. Of course, if you describe a situation that needs to be improved, you need to suggest a solution by which it can be improved—don’t forget to do this! OR: 2) In a similar fashion, make a suggestion that you think will improve the operation of this O/I/B even though there’s not necessarily a problem! Make sure that you detail the benefits that this change will make! OR: 3) Locate, in your field of study, a current controversy/issue/problem that is considered important; analyzes this issue/problem and then express your own solution, based on your understanding of the issue! In either case, remember to cite TWO sources that you think will clarify and improve your position! Grading Criteria: Your argument should include: All the elements of argumentative rhetoric discussed in class; Effective sentence structure; Strong transitions; TWO outside sources; Smooth and correct documentation format for quotations and paraphrase; A “Works Cited” page.