Simulation For Aerocapture And Aerobraking

Discuss About The Trajectory And Attitude Simulation For Aerocapture And Aerobraking.



Research methodology is characterized as a deliberate methodology that guarantees the analyst to assemble appropriate data or to embrace examination relating to the topic of research by utilizing diverse research strategies. The aim of the proposed research is to investigate the Trajectory of spacecraft in aerobraking.

The objectives were set in order to assist in achieving the main aim of the study .Due to that, it was essential to have an overview of the Trajectory of spacecraft in aerobraking. It was of great importance to understand the main principles of Trajectory of spacecraft. Hence qualitative research method together with the literature review and quantitative approaches were employed for the research. This research methodology is appropriate to carry out this research because the literature reviews offer information that is detailed about Trajectory of spacecraft in aerobraking

This research methodology gives an overview of the preliminary researches that have been carried out in the field and at the same time gives a short description Trajectory of spacecraft in aerobraking. In short, the literature review that was conducted assists to find the research gap for the research topic  (Dunham & Davis, 1999).

Use Of Mathematical Models.

Various mathematical models will be used in the used during the research some of the mathematical models that will be used include:

Mathematical Model of Spacecraft Motion

In the limited three-body problem the challenge of a spacecraft is described with respect to the barycenter rotating coordinate frame. In the barycenter rotating coordinate system, the equation of motion of the spacecraft is;

Figure 1 below shows the relative positions of the spacecraft,

Advantages Of Using Mathematical Models

Some of the advantages of using mathematical models include:

  • They are easy and quick to produce
  • They can be able to simply a more complex situation
  • They7 can greatly help in enhancing our understanding of the real world variables.
  • They make it possible for the predictions to be made
  • They can assist in providing control as in the case of aircraft control (Dunham & Davis, 1999). R.

Limitations Of Using Mathematical Models

  • Most of the mathematical models are asimplification of the real problem and in most cases does not include the aspects of the problem.
  • The mathematical models might only work in certain situations.

Computational Methods And Simulation

Various computer programs and simulations will be carried out to determine the aspects of Trajectory of spacecraft in aerobraking.

Benefits Of Computational Methods And Simulation

  • Computer simulation can avoid danger and loss of life
  • The different conditions can be varied and the outcome of evaluated
  • Computer simulations can be sped up so that the character can be studied easily and quickly for a long time
  • The simulations can be slowed down to study the behaviors more closely
  • Simulation is more cost-effective

Disadvantages Of Computational Methods And Simulation

  • In simulation it can be very hard to measure how one factor affects another in order to make initial measurements
  • For one to carry out simulation he/she requires a deeper understanding of the subject

Secondary Sources

By conducting the literature review, the author could pass the knowledge about the topic of research, and it would include the main features of a topic. This research approach is of great importance in achieving the objectives and aims of the research. This research approach is also very helpful in attaining all the objectives and aims of the research such as to have a summary of Trajectory of spacecraft in aerobraking, to evaluate the various principles behind Trajectory of spacecraft in aerobraking. The main reason behind the selection of this research methodology is to give detailed knowledge about Trajectory of spacecraft in aerobraking. This research methodology also gives the knowledge about the various scholars and who had previously carried research on the topic  (Dunham & Davis, 1999). R. The literature review that was carried out gave the detailed knowledge on Trajectory of spacecraft in aerobraking

Rationale Of The Research Strategies

The research proposed is intended on utilizing literature reviews and use of various computer simulations investigation as a suitable system to carry out the research. Computer simulations and literature review encourages a researcher to keenly examine the information relating to a particular setting that is a specific topic of research. Additionally, literature review which is usually referred to as secondary sources allows a researcher to pick up top to bottom information and illustrate the aspects of a proposed research topic. For the given research project it is suitable carrying out various computer simulations on trajectory of Spacecrafts in Aerobraking. With that it can be possible to get the clear idea of what is happening in real situation  (Dunham & Davis, 1999). R.

Timeline And Resources

The research is to be carried out in 30 weeks, and the timeline for the research is as follows.

For the research to be carried out effectively, I will require one supervisor who we are in close contact with together with two external reviewers who will be reviewing my progress.