Slave Labor and Plantation Rules

Professor Notes Student Outcomes AHA Tuning Core Competency Craft historical narrative and argument. AHA Tuning Learning Outcomes Generate a historical argument that is reasoned and based on historical evidence selected, arranged, and analyzed. Write effective narrative that describes and analyzes the past for its use in the present. Specific Student Learning Outcomes Students will identify evidence from 2 broader concept categories about the intentions of the slaveholder Barrow regarding his slaves–labor productivity and paternalism–and formulate 2 narrower concepts for each category. Students will write a blueprinted thesis describing Barrows intentions with regard to productivity and paternalism. Students will write an outline that plans an effective paper that weighs the extent to which Barrow relied on productivity or paternalism. Students will write topic sentences and varied evidence sentences that introduce elements of productivity and paternalism in Barrow’s journal and diary. Students will write an introduction paragraph for the Slave Labor and Plantation Rules composition that follows the classic funnel format. Extensions of the Assignment The assignment can be made more complex by asking students to take one position–labor productivity or paternalism–and arguing exclusively for that position.