Sleeps and dreams

Sleep & Dreams Guidelines and Requirements Chapter 4 exams the altered state of consciousness which is sleep and dreaming. You are going to explore this in your paper. You will keep a sleep/dream journal for 1 week (7 days). Keep a notebook by your bed and write in it right before you go to sleep. Include anything interesting that happened to you during the day. Include what you ate for dinner and what time you ate dinner. Include how you are feeling-eg. comfortable, content, upset, stressed, etc. Record your nightly ritual that you use to help you fall asleep. medication taken, drinks (milk, alcohol, etc.), foods eaten do you watch tv- what do you watch, read a book-what do you read, play on your device (phone, computer)-what do you play or look at? how long do you do these things before you are ready to sleep? You will also write in your journal right as you wake up in the morning. Include any information about any dream that you had that night describe events, colors, emotions, people, etc.. any information at all regarding your dreams. Include information if you woke up throughout the night, what time, why, what did you do to go back to sleep. You will need to type your entries (does not have to be in essay format) and include them in your paper, placed at the beginning of your paper after the cover page (does not have to be essay format, see example cover page) worth 25pts Formatting: Must be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt Black font (worth 15pts). Include a cover page (worth 15pts; look over the Cover Page example). 3-5 pages (not including the cover page). For your paper (worth 45pts): Essay format Write about what you learned about your sleep habits based on your journal and what you read about in the book. If you have problems sleeping did you notice any behaviors that you engage in that may affect your sleep? How might you change those? If you do not have any trouble sleeping did you notice anything in your behaviors that helps you sleep. How important is sleep in your general physical and psychological well being? Why? Use information from your book to support your answer. Write about your dreams. What did you dream about? Were your dreams affected by anything that happened to you during the day or during your nightly ritual? Why or why not? What about what you ate or the timing of eating, do you think that had an effect? Why or why not? Based on the different theories proposed about dreaming, try to find meaning in your dreams. Did you find any particular theory fit your dreams better or worse than others? Why or why not? Explain why you used that theory over others. Include a brief paragraph on your thoughts of dream analysis. Is this a good tool in Psychology? Why or why not? Can be made up since the deadline