SNGP3004 Law And Ethics In Health Care For Intravenous Solution

SNGP3004 Law And Ethics In Health Care For Intravenous Solution

SNGP3004 Law And Ethics In Health Care For Intravenous Solution


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The concept of the ethics and the law play a very essential role towards the provision of the guidance in the conduct and the behaviour of the individual who are working in the system of the health care. As per the given case study the enrolled nurse of the organization initiated the practise of the nursing or the health care activities going out of her permitted scope of the practise. She has initiated to independently administer the intravenous solution of glutathione for the individual at her home. She has violated the regulations and the norms and the breach of the standard 1 of the standards of the practises for the midwives and the nurses and the midwives with generic skills and the core competencies for the enrolled nurses (Gower et al., 2017). Some of the factors of the core competencies of the enrolled nurses includes their working under the profession supervision of the registered nurses which this particular nurse has violated (Koshy et al., 2017). Furthermore the enrolled nurse like this particular nurse are generally accountable for all the aspects of the delegated are within their limited scope of the practises as their educational preparation, their experiences and the standards of the practises for the midwives and the nurses.

As per the case study as illustrated above the nurse has violated both the core competencies and the generic skills as per the Singapore nursing board and the regulations of the nursing and the midwives norms.

While the context of the are organised and divided in three of the major domains , some of the actors that the nurse has violated can be summarized below.

The professional, ethical and the legal nursing practices are one of the standards of the competency for the enrolled nurse that includes the indictors of the competency which the nurse has violated.

  • Proper identification and the understanding of the legislative framework, the role of the Singapore nursing boards and its functional regulatory like the code for the nurses and the midwives for the Singapore nursing boards.
  • Effective practice of the health care actions and the nursing in the accordance with the national or the institutional legislations, the policies and the procedural guidelines (Koshy et al., 2017).
  • Maintaining of the clear and the legible documentation and the records within the scope and the permits
  • Recognition of the differences in the accountability and the responsibility of the registered nurses and the enrolled nurses in the provision of care(Singapore Government, 2012)
  • Support, collaboration and the co-operation with the members of the team and the other professionals of the health care before taking any of the actions towards any patient

Another standard that the nurse has violated includes management of the care and the related professional development that includes the responsibility of each and every enrolled nurse to inform the  seniors and the registered nurse before taking any of the action related toe patient and their care and also the medicine and their dosage before taking any sort of action

Some of the generic skills of the enrolled nurses as per the Singapore nursing board that the nurse has violated includes performance of the nurse under the supervision of the senior. This mean that the nurse should have perform the skills independently only under the supervision and the deligation of a senior or a registered nurse either directly or indirectly. Further generic skills that has been hampered includes the factor that the enrolled nurses should only perform any of the skills related to the patients care or medical dosage only as the assistant to the registered nurse (Gower et al., 2017). The nurse furthermore has violated the generic skills and the norms of the enrolled nurses of the country by not taking any of the data or the information prior injecting the intravenous solution. The nurse should have taken in accent of the temperature, the respiration the blood pressure, the pain the pulse in the oximetry (Koshy et al., 2017). The nurse should however take care of the safety and the comfort of the client together with the mobility and the ambulation of the patient before the injection of the intravenous solution. SNGP3004 Law And Ethics In Health Care For Intravenous Solution

The code for the midwives and the nurses generally sets out the professional level of the conduct, the practising stands, and the ethical values that each and every nurses and the midwives of the Singapore generally tend to act upon and uphold. There includes four of the major regulatory and the ethical provision of the Singapore (Singapore Government, 2012). These are the nurses and the people, the nurses or the midwives and their practices, the nurses or the midwives and their profession and the nurses or the midwives and co-workers.

Some of the principles from the SNB code for nurses and the midwives that the nurse of the given vase study breached includes the following.

Principle 5 – The Practise In A Responsible And Accountable Manner.

The enrolled nurse of the given case study should have responsible and accountable enough for her judgments, decision and their actions. She must have ensure that the patient have received safe, effective and ethically appropriate care under the supervision of a senior nurse.

Principle 6 – The Maintaining Of The Competency In The Care Of The People

It is furthermore the responsibility of the enrolled nurse to evaluate her knowledge and her skills as well as the effectiveness of the care that is provided by her. She should have maintained her competencies through the continuous education, the improved quality activities and the lifelong learning (Singapore Government, 2012).

Principle 7 – Maintenance Of Clear Ad Accurate Records

The nurse should have ensured that all the records are complete, accurate and timely in nature. She should have made some of the relevant entries as per the date, time within the supervision of a registered nurse.

Principle 9 – Practise Of The Self-Regulation

The nurse of the case study should have been responsible and accountable for the self, and the professional maintenance of the competencies and also the continuous personal and the professional growth. The nurse has violated this principle by not practising within her own level of competencies and the scope of the practices (Singapore Government, 2012).

According to ANA (2015), the health and the wellbeing of each and every individual is one of the first priority in the world. As per the United Nations declaration of the human rights, each and every person has their rights to safe and wellbeing and the right of life. In the study by Koshy et al. (2017) the author highlighted the fact how the nursing practise and the limits of the enrolled nurses falls short in case of the emergencies. For this kind of scenario its is thus important to take care of the emergency medical need of the patient than the professional limitation. The author furthermore stated how it is also essential to take in account of the help and the supervision of the registered nurses in case of the emergencies to avoid further mishaps sine the enrolled nurses have little authority of the patient care and medical dosage. With reference from the national and the internal literature it can thus be stated that the nurse who have violated the norms and the code of the practise, has done this to ensure that the patient gets her requirements or needs (Wu et al., 2015). She has adhere to the respect for the patient’s need, values and the rights with the provision of the effective are that is determined by the value, the needs without any kind of unfair or the prejudicial discrimination over the basis of the ethnicity, the gender , the religion , the age, the economic status and the attributes and the preferences (Stan?i? et al., 2016). She has ensured to treat her patient with respect and for the sake of the humanity she has ensured to fulfil the emergency need of the patient which required her to inject the intravenous solution of Glutathione irrespective of knowing that being an enrolled nurse she does not have the authority to take these actions or do any of the practises without the permission or the supervision of the registered nurse.

The role of the complaints committees in the health care regime and also the nursing practises includes the identification of any sort of violation of the regulations and the norms by the health care professionals within the nursing and the health care practise (Gower et al., 2017). The function of the complains committee is to develop the principles and the norms related to the registered nursing professions and the enrolled nursing practises and evaluate any sort of discrepancies and the complains regrading ant of the misuse or ineffective health are practises done towards any patent of the registered organization. The committee takes in consideration of the norms and the values of the registered nurses and the midwives for the effective evaluation of the proficiency and the level of professionalism and the quality of the productivity of the health care professional s and the nurses within the organization in Singapore.

Case Study 2

The above vase study is the demonstration of the sheer irresponsibility and the lack of the proper knowledge regarding the nursing practises within the health care practises. With the respect to the new codes for the nurses and the midwives, the principles that this registered nurse violated includes the principle 5 which is the practise in a responsible and accountable manner, principle 6 that illustrate the maintenance of the competency in the care of the people and principle 7 which states that the nurses should maintain clear and accurate records of the patient. It is the responsibility of the nurse to ensure that the patients are safe, effective and ethically appropriate in the care (Simmons et al., 2016). This is because it is essential as per the code of the practise of the nurses and the midwives that all the health care practises are carried out in the accordance with the ethical principles, the policies of the institution and the requirements. Furthermore it is also essential for the registered nurses to evaluate their knowledge and their skills for the effective care of the patient (Koshy et al., 2017).