so 206 unit 5 assignment

so 206 unit 5 assignment.

Unit 5: Assignment 2: Media Representation of the Problem


Analyze how this social problem is discussed in the media. This can include news media, social media, documentary film or celebrity culture. Discuss how the media representation of the problem may rely on stereotypes, invisible/erased histories, and/or intersectional systems of power and privilege.

  • Are there limits to this media image of the social problem?
  • Is it missing anything from the complexity of the social problem?
  • If you don’t observe any of these concepts/ideas, explain why you think that is the case.

This paper should be 2-3 pages discussing media and popular culture representations of the social problem. If any sources are used, including the course textbook or required readings, please cite using ASA, APA, or MLA citation formats.

so 206 unit 5 assignment