Social and Moral Policies of Government Custom Essay

– Ethics August 18, 2010 Social and Moral Policies of Government Introduction The essay interprets the movie Grapes of Wrath an American drama film directed by John Ford and written by John Steinbeck. The paper relates one of the major movie’s characters “ Tom Joad to the philosophies of Jean Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Hobbes. The essay also addresses such matters as, the manner with which the character (Tom) reflects the nature of government as the guarantor of peace and security, social obligation of the government to its subjects and the manner with which Tom removes the chains of social conviction as well as government imposition (Steinbeck, 2009). All governments at all times must have in place social and moral policies that protect its subjects, if not the subjects will use all means possible to remove the chains of convictions. The philosophers Thomas Hobbes thought as the father of totalitarianism live between 1588 and 1679.

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