Social Disorganization Custom Essay

What is social disorganization? This is a theoretical perspective that seeks to explain the different levels of crime ecologically, while basing it cultural and structural factors. Ideally these are factors that tend to play a major role in the shaping of the communities’ nature of social order. In the older theories much of the social order, criminal behaviors and stability were assessed on the basis of the urban growth covariates. In reference to the theory, as social self regulation mechanisms fail, the social integration within the neighborhoods disintegrate leading to rise in crime among the people living there. The rise of the delinquent subcultures and the fall of the structural system are to blame for disintegration of the social mechanisms of interactions. Gang cultures are some of the subcultures that develop within the society, through shared values and beliefs and are vividly implicated in the social disorganization theory. In every society there are structures that define the aspects of interactions between the different members of the society

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