Social processes

Essay 2 – SOCI 1125 I. REQUIRED READING 1. Corrigall-Brown, Catherine. 2016. Imagining Sociology: An Introduction with Readings. Oxford University Press 2. Lectures slides 3. Two scholarly peer-reviewed source. Acceptable sources include either a scholarly journal article or academic book. These resources can be accessed through the Douglas College Library website II. ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION In this four-page essay, you will be required to use sociological concepts and theory(ies) from lecture, the textbook and scholarly sources to analyze a contemporary organization, group or social movement that seeks to advance gender and/or racial and/or social equality. Examples of organizations/groups that you can choose (but definitely not limited to): Dogwood Initiative, Women Against Violence Against Women, Red Cross, Dancing to Eagle Spirit Society, Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Greenpeace Canada, Boys and Girls Clubs Foundation, Canadian Association for Equality, etc. The organization should be Canadian based. Similar to the first essay, you will be expected to: a) identify relevant concepts and theory(ies) that can be used to examine your topic; b) analyze your topic sociologically using these concepts and theory(ies), along with your scholarly sources; and c) to draw reasonable conclusions following your analysis. Importantly, you are expected to provide in-text citations that paraphrase passages from scholarly sources, the textbook, and/or lecture slides. Paraphrasing is different from quoting, meaning that you summarize the quote in your own words, while providing an in-text citation that identifies for the reader the source of the information. This assignment does not require any additional materials. If you wish to draw from other research on your topic (such as the organization’s website), go for it (just please do not cite Wikipedia). And don’t forget to use your sociological imaginations! III. ESSAY STRUCTURE & COMPONENTS 1) A title page with your name, the date, a title if appropriate, the name of your professor, name and number (including section) of the course 2) A short introduction to your topic that includes a thesis statement – 1 paragraph 3) Describe what sociological concepts/theory(ies) you will use to conduct your analysis (take the time to identify, define and explain any relevant key terms). Then turn to the topic you have chosen. What is the focus of the organization or social movement? – approx. ½ – 1 page 4) Provide analysis and discussion of your topic, using the scholarly source you have chosen, along with any relevant concepts and/or theory(ies) from the textbook and slides – 1-2½ pages 5) A brief conclusion – (should remind the reader what you set out to do and summarize the key arguments discussed in your paper) – approx ½-1 page. 6) Bibliography – include a complete bibliography of the sources used. FOR ALL ASSIGNMENTS USE THE AUTHOR-DATE VERSION OF APA FOR IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND BIBLIOGRAPHY. DO NOT USE FOOTNOTES OR ENDNOTES. Do not submit work that is not your own, as your own. Always make sure you acknowledge where you have gotten ideas. For a refresher on plagiarism see the course outline or check with the college guidelines. IV. GENERAL FORMATTING GUIDELINES: Please use the following format for all assignments: 1) Times New Roman or Calibri 12 pt. font 2) Double-spaced (you can use sub-headings, but do not use triple spacing or leave large spaces between sections) 3) Use standard margins 4) Use sub headings if it helps you to organize your thoughts and stay on track 5) Provide page numbers (with the exception of the title page) V. CITATION Douglas College Library APA Style Guide Purdue APA Style Guide