Social Responsibility in Leadership

 Examine the topic (Social Responsibility in Leadership) from the viewpoint of at least two different resources, plus the text. Compare and contrast the ideas from your sources with the text. When you discuss the ideas learned from a source, indicate which source either by number or by name in your discussion (not just at the end). Tie the ideas together and discussing what they added to your understanding of the topic. Express your personal thoughts on the subject. “I believe… I conclude… I think….etc.” Cite the sources correctly using a References Page. Be sure to cite the name of publication, author, date, and page or location. Format: Use a title and subtitles where appropriate. Presentation: Use correct spelling and grammar. NOTE: This assignment wants references to the textbook. Textbook: Title: Organizational Behavior, 3rd edition by McShane and Von Glinow Publisher: McGraw-Hill Irwin ISBN: 9780077720605