Link to video: A. Summarize the video:This task should include major question(s) that are asked in the documentary, the reason this question is significant, and the major conclusions drawn by the participants in the documentary. Write this task as if you were explaining the main ideas discussed in the documentary to someone who has not seen the movie. B. Identifying and defining key concepts:This task should include at least two to three concepts that you think are relevant/important to the documentary. Please include the definitions of these concepts and explain why you think they are key concepts. C. Generating discussion questions:This task should include two questions that will generate discussion and encourage us to use critical thinking skills. D. Provide real-world examples of the issues discussed in the documentary:This task should include a reference to a current newspaper article or other popular media, or a related scientific article. Please explain why the example you have chosen is related to the current topic. E. Relating to personal experiences:This task should include at least one specific way in which you can relate the content of the documentary to your personal experiences or observations. Please explain how and why they are related.