solving study guide of biology 4

. What is glomerular filtration?

3. What are the three layers of the glomerular membrane?


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4. What passes through the glomerular membrane?

5. What does not pass through the glomerular membrane?

6. What is the structure of the glomerular capillary wall?

7. Where are fenestrations located in the glomerular membrane?

8. What is the structure of the basement membrane?

9. What is the function of the basement membrane?

10. Does healthy urine contain proteins?

11. What is the structure of the inner layer of the Bowman’s capsule?

12. When passing through the glomerular membrane do molecules ever enter cells?

13. What is the main force that is used to accomplish glomerular filtration?

14. What are the exceptions to the rules of fluid dynamics in the glomerular capillaries?