Speech Response- Franklin Delano Roosevelt , The Four Freedoms

PLEASE ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM THE SPEECH ATTACHED… ALSO SEE SPEECH LINK ON ATTACHMENT!!! THANK YOU! 1. Brief History on Franklin D. Roosevelt? 2. Where was the speech given? 3. Introduction of the speaker? 4. How did Franklin D. Roosevelt begin the speech? 5. Why did Franklin D. Roosevelt the speech? Primary message? 6. What do think Franklin D. Roosevelt goal of the speech? 7. What kind of speech was it? a. Epideictic part b. Epainos part c. Paramythia part 8. What was the effective arrangement of the speech? 9. What were the three elements of persuasion? Explain: a. Ethos/Ethnic b. Pathos/Emotion c. Logos/Logic 10. Identify Figures of the speech? a. Personification b. Anaphora c. Alliteration 11. What the conclusion of the speech memorable?