sports writting

Write a story on the industries and businesses impacted by the cancellation and postponement of sports due to the coronavirus pandemic. Think sports bars, sporting goods stores, (legal) sports betting establishments and other businesses and industries that are parts of the sports machine. How are those businesses and industries faring? Are the sports bars in danger of closing? Are the sports manufacturers switching to constructing medical gear? What are gamblers betting on?


-500-550 words

-Three human sources. You don’t have to stick to locals here. Think nationally. Try a sports bar in Denver or a baseball bat manufacturer in Baton Rouge. I still need the contact info at the end of the story (THIS IS MANDATORY)

-I want an anecdotal lead about a person you interview. This soft news type lead should lead into a nut graph that explains the problem/issue. (Let me know if you need further information about how to do this)

This should be formatted as a news article and in AP format