Starbucks case study

Section 1: Introduction of you and your case study (you may also want to give an agenda of your presentation) Section 2: Background information of the case Section 3: Analysis of the case (according to case study methodology) Section 4: Action Plan Section 5: Risks of action plan Section 6: Alternative Recommendations Section 7: Concluding remarks (you are expected to summarize your presentation) The Report must be based on individual work and students will learn what the report entails over the entire 10-week course. The Report requires students to: Select an existing business problem (e.g. global expansion, product development, market share issues, and return on investment). Develop a business case which adequately advocates a solution to help overcome the business problem. Devise a plan of approach to better, overcome, or improve on this business. Gather and process relevant data. Critically review the plan and the process. Perform the analysis Clearly communicate the results. In your Final Report you should make sure to include a discussion of the relevant information and facts, issues and/or problems, considerations, recommendations and/or evaluations. It is expected that students will use outside material (material other than the case study) to analyze the information presented in the case study. These sources will have to be retrieved from reliable online resources (such as databases), cited and documented appropriately. Format of the document: double-spaced document 10-15 pages (total excluding any appendices) You should not approach your Report with the sole intent of summarizing the case study; this assignment needs to be an analysis and application of the methodologies discussed in class to your case study: Your final Report must be done in APA format. Be sure to cite all sources properly, including Internet sources. In addition to the class presentations she will offer, the University Librarian, Svetlana Kondratenko, offers information literacy sessions on using electronic databases and reliable Internet sources, APA citation requirements, etc. There is a link on the Home page of Moodle, SSU Library News (upper left-hand side), which will inform you when such workshops are being offered. In addition, there is a copious amount of other useful information for students on accessing various online catalogues, citation, and so on.