state the dominican republic s past economic history briefly and current economic situation

Introduction: in this section you clearly motivate your study. State the Dominican Republic’s past economic history briefly and current economic situation. This part is “descriptive”. Some key data you might find useful to analyze: – Main industries: Strengths and weaknesses – Balance of payments: external sector situation – Education – Political system – Government spending (and finances in general) NOTE: this list is a starting point only. You should use more data than the described above. b. Analysis: in this part you perform your main analysis. You should provide intuition on how you see the country’s economy evolving into the future. You should also provide a thoughtful set of recommendations for the country to develop and provide higher standards of living for its inhabitants. Please include monetary and fiscal policy advices. c. Conclusion: summarize your analysis and explain its importance (no more than 2 pages). d. Appendix: describe your data sources and any extra relevant information you think will support your analysis. e. References: cite all your sources!