Strategic Plan Interpretation : Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation based on your CAPSTONE.

Strategic Plan Interpretation : Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation based on your CAPSTONE. The presentation will challenge each student’s critical thinking, yet focus on the strategic information/technology systems planning topic. The students must prepare the presentation as if they are presenting to the company’s investor or to your DEFENSE panel. ””””” Description of Assignments Case Interpretation: (Due week 5 via the appropriate Dropbox; worth 100 points towards the total course points.) Connect the contents (connect the dots); Do the same analysis to this case as you did to the one you selected; Break down the case and relate its components to the course content; Make this a scholarly yet business interpretation; Include scholarly sources to support all evaluative statements. ””””””” note from the professor: 5 slides may be OK but ma be a bit to few. The goal is for the slides and dialog to convey the strategic plan I. mission, short and long range goals etc etc. Think of what we covered over the course of the class. the classes covered: Course Description: This course will prepare students to create or participate in creating a strategic plan for an organization’s Information systems/Technology function and understand the requirements for alignment with corporate goals. Strategy is about connecting a vision for the future with goals and actions that enable success. Strategy also provides the foundation for establishing priorities. The course will synthesize traditional planning concepts with contemporary topics transforming organizational landscapes. Globalization, œcloud architectures, and co-created value networks driven by technological innovations have emerged as new imperatives for technology strategists. These current issues will be deeply explored throughout the course. In addition, the student must look beyond the status quo and project into an uncertain future. Students will complete a framework of an information systems /technology plan. Required Text: Ward, J.L. and Peppard J. September 2002, (3rd ed.) Strategic Planning for Information Systems. John Wiley and Sons. ISBN: 978-0-470-84147-1. (The Ward and Peppard text will provide the student an excellent reference resource for those not deeply familiar with the Operations Management (OM) Theory.) Lucas, Jr., H.C. 2008, (1st ed.) Inside the Future: Surviving the Technology Revolution. Praeger. ISBN: 978-0-313-34826-6. ”””””””- each slide should have DESCRIPTION IN THE NOTE TO SHOW THE AUDIENCE WHAT IS THE GOAL FOR EACH SLIDE ””””””” more describe to the assignment¦. Please to be sure to speak on some of the following basic requirements in your presentations: · Mission statement / Vision Statement · Short/ Long term plan “ 5 year plan · How your venture will utilize the Information, Communication & Technology functions What type of IT / IS Equipment · Switchboard, Fax, Receptionist? · Microsoft 365, Server? · Computer system “ Apple/ Mac? Microsoft Office? What type of Internet Security will you use? What will your budget be for the systems and for IT/ IS? Are you going to go to school to learn such systems? Or hire a computer technician?

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