strategic purchasing

strategic purchasing.

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Topic: strategic purchasing

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This assignment is concerned with outsourcing an input resource. The product is currently produced in-house, in the UK but is planned to be outsourced within the next year. As a senior buyer, it is your responsibility to develop an appropriate supply strategy. Please research the following, with a view to presenting your findings to management.

1. Produce an industry analysis for the outsourced product.

2. Produce a STEEPLE analysis for your elected county of production, giving clear justification for your choice.

3. Produce a supply risk analysis based on the findings from your SWOT analysis.

4. Decide what supply strategies you will adopt to ensure continuity of supply. Give clear justification for your decisions.

5. Outline the initial criteria you will use to evaluate suppliers you find in your initial search. Students must produce an integrated report, making clear links between all elements of the task.

Please base your work on ONE product from the following:

a. Gear box assemblies for a hybrid car.

b. Ladies dresses, man made fabric.

c. Lithium ion batteries for the automotive industry.

d. Fire extinguisher for use in public spaces.

d. Solar panel modules.

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strategic purchasing