Strategies of World Missions.

Terry, J. M. Missiology: An Introduction to the Foundations, History, and Strategies of World Missions. 2nd ed. Nashville: B&H Academics, 2015. ISBN: 9781433681516. For each Book Report, the student will write a paper of 1,500 to 1,800 words in current Turabian format that reviews and assesses the required textbook reading. Each review/report must be presented as a chapter-by-chapter summary-analysis, using the Summary-Analysis Book Report Template posted in Course Content> Course Guides and Assignment Instructions> Assignment Instructions> Summary-Analysis Book Reports. The summary-analysis of each chapter must also assess the book’s individual strengths and weaknesses. The final part of each chapter’s summary-analysis, titled “What I Have Learned,” must state in 1 or 2 sentences what the student has gained from reading and analyzing the chapter (except Terry report). [Name] [Student ID #] John Mark Terry, Missiology Summary Analysis [Semester Term and Year] [Chapter Number, Title and Author of This Chapter] Summary: [This is a double-spaced summary of the chapter, in one paragraph totaling about 30 words. It should represent the major principles presented by the authors. This is not a comprehensive study of the written material, just a short, concise summary.] Analysis: [This is a double-spaced analysis in one or two sentences totaling about 25 words, of what you think about the information presented in this chapter.] [Note: Write only about 50 words for each chapter; that will total about 2,000 words for all forty-two chapters. This is several hundred words more than the standard word count for summary-analysis book reports, but the number of chapters in Missiology necessitates this exception.] Authors’ Backgrounds: [Answer the following: 1. In the list of Contributors on pages 627-628, what is said about this chapter’s author’s career? 2. In the Bibliography on pages 585-626, look up the author of this chapter. If this author has a book or article listed, write its title and bibliographic information here; if not, write None.]