study abroad in ireland

write about

Study abroad day 2: We went to burial chambers that are about 6,000 years old and hiked the Sliabh Liag! It was super windy but a rainbow showed up

Study abroad day 5: today most of the day was spent on the bus since we drove to Derry and back. We went to the Museum of Free Derry and the Museum of History. We walked the Peace bridge, the walls of Derry, and saw the Derry Girls mural. We also spoke to people who remember and were effected by the conflict and Bloody Sunday. It was so heartbreaking to hear all their stories about the violence and injustice.

Study Abroad day 6:
We went to Gleniff Horseshoe and saw the snow on the mountains and an old school house. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to hike the mountain because of the snow. We then stopped at Glencar waterfall in County Leitrim, the waterfall the poem “Stolen Child” by W.B. Yeats mentions. I think I got hailed on more today than I ever have in my life 😂 We then drove to Manorhamilton and saw the ruins and ate lunch!

Study abroad day 7: We went to the Marble Arch Caves in Northern Ireland! After we hiked to the Cascades Waterfall that ran above the caves. We then went to Giants Leap Trail and saw amazing Neolithic stone structures in a moss covered forest.

Write four reflections each of which answers the following three questions:

What are the most meaningful experiences you had during the day?

What did you learn from the experiences?

How will you apply what you learned?

each day should answer the three questions. You should write at least one paragraph in response to each of the three questions.Total length of your reflection page should be 200 – 300 words.Paragraphs should be approximately equal in length.each day should be a separate page.