Summarise the purpose of your organisation for department of transport in Abu Dhabi, its operating environment, structure, functions and culture.

Summarise the purpose of your organisation, its operating environment, structure, functions and culture. ________________________________________ 1. A clear statement of the purpose and objectives of your organisation. (AC 1.1) (approx 100 words) 2. A description of your organisation’s size and locations, 3 examples of products and/or services, and examples of 2 customers. (AC 1.2) (approx 150 words) 3. An analysis of how external factors impact on your organisation’s business activities, using an external environment analysis model or tool such as PESTLE. (AC 1.3) (approx 150 words) 4. An organisation chart illustrating the main departments and business functions, together with descriptions of these departments and functions. (AC 2.1) (approx 150 words) 5. An explanation of how the different departments and functions work together to optimise performance. (AC 2.2) (approx 150 words) … 6. An explanation of the culture and values of your organisation and how they affect operations. (AC 2.3) (approx 150 words) 7. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Write a short description of the learning process you went through in order to write this assignment: what you knew about your organisation before you attended module 1; what you learnt during the module; and what you learnt in preparing the presentation. 8. You should also include 3-5 references from oakwood web sit and the attached and department of transport web sit up-to-date and relevant sources in order to support your findings. Please ensure that all reference sources are acknowledged correctly within the text and on a reference list provided.