summarize 9 small article at least 100 200 words for each article

Instructions ( Please focus on 3 &4 )

1. at least 2 articles from each of the following modules to read from “Extra Readings”

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 6

plus the 1 article from Week 4 – “Let Africa Trade with Africa”.

Nine articles total. ( I’ve already picked it out for you)

2. Write the name of each article you read and number each one.

3. Summarize each article as it relates to marketing. 100-200 words each.

4. Conduct additional research on at least 2 articles that you summarized to see what changes/improvements, etc. have been made since the article was written. Please provide the link to where you found the updated information.

Example: follow up on LL Bean’s return policy, or you can go broader such as what companies are doing to change/improve customer return policies, or how Africa is changing policy or making improvements with regard to improving trade within Africa.

Paper must be in your own words, except for title of article.

Turnitin will be used for similarity/plagiarism. If more than 20% (excluding retyping the article name – which I can exclude when grading) – then points will be deducted.