summarize findings from data manipulation

Summary of Insights Derived from the Data – So here is where you talk about what you

discovered. Talk about the graphs, charts, tables and other reporting instruments you

created form the data, and what you gain for insights from the data set and subsequent

manipulation. Tie the insights back to the initial problem and what you discovered in the

analysis. So, if your initial question was, “What type of imports are most significant to the

United States in the current economic climate?” The an insight might be the table showing

each major trade partner, their relative amount of trade by import category, and the

comparison between the top three partners in the top five trade classes, and the relative

trade-offs. (One can imagine each trade partner may have a top trade category and several

lower ones, or maybe not). But from a trade implication, it would matter depending on

trade relationships, which partner we would want to increase or decrease trade from, and

so if you had year over year data, you could argue that these decisions affect trade volumes,

as we saw in the example form class. However, the purpose is that the insights either prove

or disprove your initial questions. In fact, they may give to other questions, and that is

alright. However, here you explain what you discovered from the data. (4-6 Pages