summarizing a podcast

What is the reporters’ argument for why the mode is a better way to describe the “average” American than the mean? Make sure to define mean and mode as part of your answer.

2. In their search for the most common American, the reporters had to make tradeoffs between more specific categories

and more meaningful, valid categories. Select one of the tradeoffs they made as an example, and explain how and why they made it And ultimately, what was their answer

3. what are the characteristics of the adult who is the“modal American”? List them. And then, pick one of those characteristics and explain why it is the most common attribute of that particular variable( for example, the reason why one race/ethnicity, marital status, or employment status is the most common one Clearly define the attribute and the variable for the answer you choose.

Listen to the Planet Money podcast’s episode titled, “The Modal American”

and answer the three questions above. Minimum 300 words maximum 500