System thinking

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System thinking

the Assignment have to part.

Part 1 60% and part 2 40%

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Part 1.

Use the system methodologies taught in the module to address a complex problematic situation in an organisation of your choice (preferably the one you work for, if you are currently working or one you know well and have access to relevant people and information).

your answer must include:

a) A summary description of the organisational context and of the problem situation;

b) Justification for your choice of methodology/methodologies based on the use of metaphor and system methodologies (SoSM);

c)A clear description of the use practice of at least one systems methodology taught in this module;

d) Critique of the methodology you have applied and suggestion of an alternative methodology that might complement the applied methodology.

Its important that the problem situation addressed is sufficiently complex to enable a derailed and well developed application of you chosen methodology.

(Word Limit 3000 words 60% of mark)

Part 2

Organizations increasingly face a fast changing and complex volatile environment. The ability to capitalise on complexity in a creative way is now considered a vital management and leadership capability .

Having characterised the above complexity, critically describe and discuss how modern leadership and management deal with this complexity. illustrate your arguments with well known case studies and appropriate references.

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