TACC 401 Principles Of Accounting

TACC 401 Principles Of Accounting

TACC 401 Principles Of Accounting


The case study assignment should be prepared by the individual student. Font type should be Times New Roman with a size of 12 and paragraph space 1.5.


Business Ethics

The development of Information Technology as well as Accounting Information Systems consumes transported original chances for moral misbehaviour and scam. A keystone of ethical behaviour is an empathetic of how one’s individual behaviours as well as movements power the wellbeing of the further persons. Ethical strategies can support persons evade impairing others and to deed in customs that have the probable to support or help others. Some administration guidelines are premeditated to decrease particular procedures of immoral behaviour and also indorse regulations to deter unlawful behaviour. In the social order, communal standards are frequently indirect ethical rules that have a tendency to alteration in answer to dissimilar surroundings, groups, and the route of period (Thompson 2018).

A principal perseverance of AIS is to help as a methodical and complete structure that annals and information fiscal deal, that are essential to commercial procedures. Reporting could be described as the procedure of analysing and brief the administration’s dealings in command to deliver material that is applied in result creation. Reporting has conventionally been showed on an interrupted basis, whether it every day, paper, once-a-month, three-monthly or per annum. In the recording procedure monetary material is abridged and assumed to shareholders of the business, be it administration representatives, dealers, depositors, director, accountants, etc. Information illuminate the administration’s fiscal location. Information are castoff by accountants to evaluate the honesty of the company’s bookkeeping procedures.

A. Stakeholder In The Above Case

  • The manager John Dorey of the computerised system for accounting in Fremantle Fishers.
  • The upper level of management of Fremantle Fishers.
  • The keyboard operator.
  • Employees of fishing boat inclusive of manager`s brother as well as father (Thompson 2018).

B.  Ethical Issues

The ethical issue that persist in the case of Fremantle Fishers was on the part of Dorey, the manager. He clubbed bonus of the other employees with the bonus of his father’s well as his brother. Though if he is simply trying to retain the system completely active without deteriorating period trying to bargain the unique source of the consignment ethical.  Moreover in still anxiety of notice keen on the keyboards operator`s attention if he is does not transmit out his boss lessons (Thompson 2018).

C. The Actions On Keyboard Operators Part

  1. Whistleblowing the matter to the senior management about Dorey.
  2. Communicate about the Dorey with other employees in the office.
  3. Request for a transfer to other department or simply drop a resignation.
  4. Try an alternative, rejecting of invoices that are not with appropriate numbers, return them back to their source for coding them.
  5. Ignore the matter, as it happens very often.
  6. Try to find the shipment details on his own without acknowledging it to Dorey. Acting a fair part on the behalf of employees concern, though the system is being forced to slow down. Thus experiencing Dorey`s worth (Kidwell et al. 2013).
Schutz Building Services
Income Statement for the current period
Particulars Amount$ Amount $
 Service Revenue   550000
Less- Expense    
wages 150000  
Motor Vehicle expenses 5600  
Electricity and telephone Expenses 4000  
Total Expenses   159600
Net Operating income   390400
Add- other Income   0
Net income   390400
Schutz Building Services
Balance Sheet for the current period
Particulars Working Note Amount$
Current Asset
Cash and Cash equivalent   500
Bank   3800
Building Supplies 1 328000


TACC 401 Principles Of Accounting