Teacher-Guided and Self-Guided Art Instruction


3. Chapter III. Proposed Method/Plan What is the purpose of the study? Identify research format (e.g., Quantitative, Qualitative, mixed). Link the research review with the proposed plan/method. What are Independent and Dependent Variables? Setting and Participants Who are you going to study? Recruitment Procedures How will you recruit children, parents, families and/or teachers? How will you inform parents? What are ethical issues? Provide a copy of parent consent form where necessary.

Intervention/Treatment Procedures/Interview Protocols ¥ What are you going to do? ¥ When are you going to do it? For how long? Where are you going to do it? Data Collection/Measure ¥ How will you collect the data (e.g., anecdotal records, qualitative interview, observation, case study, etc.)? ¥ Why is this best way to do it? Is description of measure(s) provided along with copy of specific measure? ¥ How will you know that the study is reliable and valid/trustworthy? ¥ How will you analyze the data? Limitations What are the study limitations?