Teacher’s Career

The sections must be separate and labeled as they are as follows Section 1 : The Possible Benefits of Mentoring Many CYFS agencies partner with local organizations that provide mentoring programs for young people. Mentoring programs can be arranged in different styles for mentoring such as, some choose a structured format while others choose a casual setting. In 4-6 paragraphs discuss the following items related to mentoring: The possible positive outcomes that can occur for young people to partner with a mentor. Did you have a mentor as a tween? If so what was the setting like and what benefits resulted from having a mentor? If you did not have a mentor, how do you feel you might have benefited from a mentor? Section 2 Strategies for overcoming peer pressure Click on the link below to view the article: Peer Pressure and Influence: Teenagers (Suitable for 9-18 years), www.raising children.net.au, 2019 Click on the link buttons below to view the videos:Peer Negotiation Strategies: American Academy of Pediatrics-Reaching Teens, Full Program, Films on Demand, Bellevue University Library, 2014 After reviewing the article and videos above, discuss in 6-8 paragraphs the following: Your feelings regarding the strategies for overcoming peer pressure. How have you used these strategies in your profession as a CYFS professional? If you have not used any of these strategies, choose the strategy that you feel would work best and explain why. What has been your personal experience in dealing with peer pressure?