teaching position

teaching position Paper instructions: You have applied for your œdream teaching position, and you are invited for an interview with the school principal. Prior to this interview, however, you have been asked to provide more information about your views and teaching style. Your Task: Prepare a response to the following questions: 1. To what extent and in what manner* do your views on student learning reflect the views of two (2) of the following scholars: B. F. Skinner? A. Maslow? J. Piaget or Vygotsky? A. Bandura? *Describe what your students would be doing in your classroom that reflects these views. 2. To what extent and in what manner* does your teaching style reflect two (2) of the following orientations? Behaviorist? Cognitive? Humanistic? Social/Situational *Describe what you would be doing in your classroom (as a teacher) that reflects this orientation. Assignment Expectations Your response to each of the above questions is to clearly illustrate your understanding of (a) the unique influences that 2 of these scholars have had on our understanding / views of learning, and (b) the distinguishing features of 2 of these learning theories,

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