Can technology surpass humanity?

Can technology surpass humanity?

Can technology surpass humanity? Technology: Can our technology surpass our humanity? Technology: What is the nature of the relationship between technology and humanity?  Salvation? What is a solution to these dangers? Explore this question of what happens when our technology surpasses our humanity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), as a popular topic, has been applied to all areas of modern life and there has been diverse ongoing research focusing on its various aspects. However, the developments of AI in different fields are quite imbalanced. Many experts have predicted that, in time, AI will exceed Human Intelligence (HI); however, there is no solid consensus among them.

Moreover, the controversial issue of how to adequately define AI and HI has made it difficult to answer this question. This research collects, summarizes, and analyzes existing research on the theoretical basis of AI/HI and the developments of AI in different areas. Then, we discuss the possibilities that AI eventually replace humans in the job market. Finally, we divide AI into three types and discuss whether machines will ultimately surpass human beings or not.

Futurism is a mug’s game: if you’re right, it seems banal; if you’re wrong, you look like the founder of IBM, Thomas Watson, when he declared in 1943 that there is room in the world “for maybe five computers”.

David Adams knew these risks when he wrote about the future of technology in the Guardian in 2004 – even citing the very same prediction as an example of how they can go awry. And from our vantage point in 2020, Adams certainly did a better job than Watson. When he looked ahead to today, he avoided many of the pitfalls of technology prediction: no promises about flying cars nor sci-fi tech such as teleportation or faster-than-light travel.