television amp film realities to theories

Television & Film Realities to Theories

This week we’re focusing on interpersonal (face-to-face) communication theories. What better way to critique these theories than studying interpersonal interactions! For this assignment watch a television series or feature film paying special attention to the interpersonal interactions. For instance pay attention to proxemics of characters, do the characters alter or adjust their realities (gain new confidence, adjust personalities, etc), or use concepts of self-fulling prophecy or the looking-glass-self?

After analyzing the show/film write a three page paper (750 words) utilizing the theories and key terms from the chapters this week. Briefly (one or two paragraphs) share what the show/film is about such as characters (personalities, etc) show/film plot, etc.

Then give detailed examples/situations in the show/film and evaluate them with the theories and concepts from the textbook. Show your knowledge of these theories by the key terms and concepts from this week as well.

EXAMPLE: The animated film Moana illustrates how the village is unified in their making and managing of meaning throughout the musical number “Where You Are,” with the exception of Moana and her grandmother. Their reality looks different the village folks that surround them. This is looking at that scene and comparing it to the CMM theory in chapter 6.

Ensure your papers are formatted with size 12 font Times New Roman and double spaced.

View your assignment rubric.