term paper on cds

This document contains instructions for project on the Credit Default Swap market. This assignment is due on 4/30. Your paper should be 7-9 pages long and address your findings on all questions in the instruction. Your paper needs to be in essay format with transition sentences, not question-and-answer format. The file also provides grading rubrics (pasted below) and format guidelines. Be sure to read through.

Below are the grading rubrics:

A (90-100%) Outstanding. Clearly and accurately describes the main issue, and includes all key background information. There is abundance of evidence of critical, careful thought and analysis to support your ideas. Your response contains deep discussions. Organization is concise and very clear to the reader. Sentences are skillfully structured. Word choices are precise.

B (80-89%) Satisfactory. Accurately describes the main issue, and includes most of the key background information. There is some evidence of critical thought and analysis. Your idea is generally supported. Response contains some key information but lack of deep discussions. Organizational structure is with some ambiguities or irrelevances. Sentences are well structured. Word choices are appropriate.

C (70-79%) OK. Your description for the main issue may not be entirely accurate. Response includes some background information. There is limited evidence of critical thought and analysis. Your idea is somewhat supported though the support may be vague or too broad. Your answer overlooks some key information. Organization is filled with many ambiguities and irrelevances. Sentences lack structure. Words are vague or conversational.

D or F (70% and below) Unsatisfactory. Your response fails to describe the issue, and presents irrelevant information. Central idea and its support is absent. Evaluation does not present comprehension of the issue. A lack of organization profoundly interferes with the reader’s understanding. Response has confusing sentence structure and inappropriate word choices.