terrorism genocide project

My Topic is The Sikh Genocide-1984

All students will choose either a specific “terrorist” act or a specific case study of genocide among the groups/case studies we discuss on which they will: (1) do library research (must include in-text citations and have a MINIMUM of three references, of which AT LEAST two are scholarly sources, not including course texts), (2) write a three-page* paper double spaced1 with the fourth page reserved for references (750 words minimum),

For the particular terrorist act/genocide case study, you will describe the event(s) that took place (historical or current) in the first 1-2 pages. The next 1-2 pages must be devoted to an analysis of the event(s) in which you apply specific sociological & social-psychological theories and/or concepts to understanding a particular process (e.g., staging, roots, protagonists/antagonists, response, acknowledgement or denial, etc..