The case Of Angry Birds

Description Angry Birds is a pop-culture phenomenon. First a mobile game and now a movie, Angry Birds—and maker Rovio Entertainment—is presented in your text as a case study in organizational decision making. The case describes Rovio’s growth trajectory, including key decisions made along the way. Please read the case, and please also surf the following Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article which provides an update on Rovio’s most recent decision to finance the Angry Birds movie: Angry Birds Film is a Gamble for Rovio Entertainment. The video below provides an additional update and details. Angry Birds represents an excellent context for considering the role of decision making in key organizational outcomes. Taking into account the case study and the WSJ article and video: How has rational decision making played a role at Rovio Entertainment? Please provide specific details! Which of the presented decisions could be characterized as intuitive? How has creative decision making played a role at Rovio?