The Death and Burial of Facebook, In Two Charts”

Continue learning about our topic by reading and studying the article at the link provided in this category. This is the article that you will use for your first summary.

The Death and Burial of Facebook, In Two Charts

Here’s the URL so that you can type it in your browser if the link doesn’t work for you:

Summary 1 Directions
1. Study the example for the summary assignment. Use it as a model for the format. (NOTE: The examples of all assignments are on different topics.)

2. Read and study the article assigned for this summary. (You will be able to choose your own articles for the other two summary assignments, but the first summary must be on the article that I have selected for you.)

3. Think about the information in the article that you may be able to use in your research paper.

4. Write a 300 to 500 word summary of the article in a word processing program and save it for yourself in a folder for all assignments.
5. When you copy words from the article in your summary, put quotation marks around them.
6. Add a works cited entry in MLA format at the end of the summary. See the example for the placement of the works cited.

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