The Development of HIV/AIDS


In “The Origins of AIDS” by Jacques Pepin, Pepin attempts to trace the development of HIV/AIDS before it became an official epidemic in 1981. In order to do so he relies on a variety of sources and methods from archived blood samples and molecular clocks to French and Belgian colonial records. He urges potentially skeptical readers to “look at the whole story before making a judgment. I believe that it is coherent, and that the weaker parts are supported by a strong body of evidence immediately before or after these uncertain areas” (p. 2). In an eight page critical review explore how well he does in making a persuasive case for the emergence of the epidemic in Central Africa and its transference to the US and Europe via Haiti. What are the strengths and weaknesses of his evidence and case? Be sure to provide citations to support your position. The only source should be “The Origin of AIDS” by Jacques Pepin (2011)