The effect of interacting with virtual assistants

7-8 minutes persuasive speech (The effect of interacting with virtual assistants) Write an outline and give a 7-8 minute persuasive speech, plus 2 minutes Q&A, on the following topic. • the effect of interacting with virtual assistants, using this article as a reference (Links to an external site.) You won’t be able to cover everything in the source article. Do not recite or use the information from the article verbatim. Use the article for context and an understanding of your topic. Select a few main points. It may also give you a way to structure your speech. Use two additional outside sources for data on your topic. Your written outline should include (the order of bullet items may vary): 1. your names 2. a brief description of your topic in a complete sentence 3. thesis statement – what’s your main idea? 4. speech introduction o introduction of team members o attention-getter – what is it? o thesis – how will you introduce it? o preview of main points – illustrating an organizational strategy 5. speech body – main points/counter-argument 6. speech conclusion o recap of persuasive points o call to action o clincher/final appeal for audience support 7. speech Q&A – after a brief pause, ask for audience questions 8. References – a list of your three references (including source article) in APA or MLA format The outline should demonstrate sufficient detail for the reader to understand in-depth the organization, purpose, tone, topic, and call to action of the speech. The speech should demonstrate equal participation of group members, reflect strong delivery skills, and show exceptional audience awareness–make the topic relevant to your audience and have a strong call to action.