the geico case study

This is a five to seven page paper about the Geico total rewards program. The paper will address the advantages of the program and create a strategy for making sure that the plan addresses all of the advantages. It will also focus on evaluating the effectiveness of the communication of Geico’s total rewards program. Two improvements or changes should be offered to the total rewards program. Five peer-reviewed references must be used, formatted using APA format. I have attached the specific assignment requirement.

Make sure all citations have at least 3 parts (author(s), year and page or paragraph number. Make sure all paragraphs are properly indented one-half inch to the right and spacing between lines of words do not exceed double. Make sure all references ae properly formatted according to APA. Include an introduction section with a heading that is the same as the paper’s title, not the word introduction, an it must not be bold text. The introduction must be at least one full paragraph of at least 8 to 10 lines of information. Directly address all key points of the particular section’s requirement with a good balance of research and your own thoughts. Headings must be centered on the page; begin each word with a capital letter; all in bold text Include a conclusion section alter all input has been shared. The conclusion section must have a heading (Conclusion) and must be bold text. Conclusion sections must be at least one full paragraph of at least 8 to 10 lines of information. The conclusion should highlight the importance of the paper’s topics and information and make a couple of recommendations for future applications.