The historic significance of Ruins in Kuwait that adds to its value in Tradition

The historic significance of Ruins in Kuwait that adds to its value in Tradition  This is a Dissertation plan that consists of – a preliminary title and subtitle – an introduction (100–200 words) – a chapter plan (900–1,200 words) – an annotated bibliography (100–200 words) My chapter Plan has 5 sections 1. Ruins as Communicator of History 2. why Preservation is important? 3.History of Kuwait architecture / examples 4. personal memory 5. history of Kuwait ruins tell (i have done a 500 word may inspire for the writing of each section) 1. Ruins as Communicator of History Who could have known that a single ruin could hold so much history and if they could talk they would have lots of stories to tell and educate for years and years to come. “Ruins are the cathedrals of Time.” ( Marty Rubin) , ruins help to perpetuate the heritage and remembrance of the events experienced by Kuwaiti society and not to forget the past. 2. why Preservation is important? The preservation of ruins is important to see the generations evolution of the country how it was and how it became, this old history is an important factor for the formation of citizen identity. “The ruins often amaze us because we are so arrogant that it is difficult for us to accept the talents of the people of the past!” (Mehmet Murat). 3.History of Kuwait architecture / examples “Some ruins of ancient times are much more beautiful than the best buildings of modern eras!” ( Mehmet Murat). Kuwaitis lived in old houses that were simple and did not know the luxury or modern buildings only after the emergence of oil in Kuwait and the beginning of the urban renaissance in the fifties. Their houses are close to each other sheltering crooked roads and often these roads are closed at the end they have a range between 2 to 6 meters. Those ruins are still as beautiful as they were but much appreciated now than they were before physically, We can only imagine the atmosphere that was there but we will never have those emotional memories that our grandparents did and that is a shame. 4. personal memory I see my history differently than my father and his father before him and one day our children will have their own history but what connects us all is the meaning that it brings, where we grew up , what did it look like and what did it feel like to live in that part of time. ِEvolution is expected with time nothing stays as it, then and only then will the ruins hold more meaning and more value as the world progresses. 5. history kuwait ruins tell ( talk about how old houses tell story of wars and how old houses tell about old kuwait simple life of living) 8 to 10 Annotated Bibliography An introduction and conclustion title and subtitle page images (i will send the brief plan for more deatils )