The impact of a history event

The impact of a history event
I have an assignment about the important deaf event. You have 8 days.

The events that I’m interested in are:
•Gallaudet University (Positive)
•World Federation of the Deaf (Positive)
•Milan 1880 (Negative)
•Telephone Typewriters for the Deaf – History of the TTY (Positive)
Choose one on them, and then you have to tell me what will you write about before you started.

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In this research paper you will write a paper that is relevant to deaf historical event.
1-This paper has to be full 9 pages
2- It should be double spaced using a Times New Roman, font of 12 points, free of grammatical errors
3- Use APA style.
4- You have to use at least 6 articles, researches, studies, or books as references.
5- Provide me the outline in 3 days from assigned this order

Some suggestions for paper organization (You can add what you want):
1. The name of the event (is it political, economic, sport, medical, ore educational event).
2. Who participated in this event (it could be 1 person, 2, or group of people- deaf, parents, doctors, lawyers, teachers, interpreters)?
3. The time of the event, how long did it last?
4. The location of the event.
5. The impact of the event on deaf society
6. The impact of the event on hearing society.
7. Who supported the event and who stood against it and how?

getting the info.
– Provide me all references in a PDF or Word file in attachments. (very important)
– Don’t use resource that you can’t provide it me as PDF or Word files.
– Don’t use Wikipedia as resource.

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