the impact of the corona virus on the chilean and argentinian economies 1

Many countries now face the need to bring widespread community transmission of coronavirus under control. But because every country’s response is unique, the economy and businesses might be affected differently.

Here are a couple of suggestions :

Executive summary: In a short paragraph tell the reader what are your main findings

What is the structure of the economy: sectors, industries, big companies

What the corona virus means for business

Do you see any downgrades in economic forecasts for the two countries (GDP, services, manufacturing, tourism etc)

Who are the main trading partners?

Any supply chain challenges in South America?

The stress on specific industries as indicated by levereged loans

The tech industry’s response to the crisis

This is something you can start with and then you can focus on your own industry such as: real estate, tourism, health care, small businesses.

You need to back up your analysis with data. Use charts and tables as mush as you can, but don’t just add tables and charts if they are not relevant to your own analysis.


7 pages double spaced with APA citation.(don’t use a font size less than 12 points)