the instructions are given below

Re-using code and adapting it for your needs is common and acceptable if the has been made available for such purposes (Template websites, W3Schools Templates, etc.) – just do your best to make it your own and give credit to the original source using comments inside your HTML and/or CSS files as needed.

It is best practice to respect copyright laws and to not borrow from sites that have not explicitly given permission to do so.

W3Schools ( has a lot of tutorials and information about HTML and CSS.

For this project, you will re-use one of their CSS examples and create the following webpage:

  1. Use the code from one of the mobile templates (near the bottom of the page) from W3Schools for the CSS styling of your page:
    1. Click “Try it Yourself” and copy/paste the HTML into your own document.
    2. Include comments in HTML or CSS giving credit to W3Schools for the use of their template.
      <!-- HTML and CSS template provided by W3Schools -->
  2. Create a web page to review three of your favorite movies and/or music albums using one of W3 Schools Mobile templates. (It can be a mix of both if you like.)
  3. Write a 3-4 sentence paragraph review and recommendation of each movie or album.
  4. Place an e-mail link to yourself on the web page.
  5. Submit the HTML file and any other associated files in a compressed folder/zip.

Make sure to include your images and video files in the same folder with your HTML document.