The mill on the floss

This assignment requires you to write an essay that examines how a literary source (which you will choose from a list) can help us understand issues about law and/or justice. To complete this assignment successfully, you will need to (1) choose and read a primary source (2) decide which of the questions about law/justice (see list below) you will answer, based on the primary source you choose (3) conduct additional research, using secondary sources, to help you understand the primary source and to help you understand the law/justice issues you are planning to discuss and (4) write a formal essay based on this research. This assignment requires significant time and effort, so you should plan accordingly. List of Primary Sources You must use one of the following as your primary source. Your essay must make detailed and explicit reference to this source. That is, you must answer your chosen question (see list below) based on this source. • Eliot, George. The Mill on the Floss (any edition). • McLachlin, Beverley. Full Disclosure. Toronto: Simon and Schuster, 2018. • Richler, Mordecai. Barney’s Version (any edition). • Morrison, Toni. Home (any edition). List of Questions Using your chosen source as the basis of your answer, write an essay that addresses one of the following questions: 2. What does the source tell us about the sources of law or about how laws are made? 3. What does the source tell us about why laws are obeyed or why laws are considered legitimate? 4. What does the source tell us about the relationship between ‘law’ and ‘justice’? 5. What does the source tell us about how law structures the relationship among individuals?