The Notion of Politics

Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Carl Schmitt. Explain how each of the foregoing is critical of the liberal notion of politics. Why does Marx draw a sharp distinction between human rights and political rights? What does he think the problem is with the modern split within us as members of civil society on the one hand and as citizens on the other. For Weber, why does he think that the state dominates us? Is the use of violence the core or only a tangential source of political power? For Schmitt, how is politics different from economics and aesthetics? Why it is important for him to know who it is that decides who the enemy is? Try to use at least one quote from each article: The concept of the political by Carl Schmitt. On The Jewish Question by Karl Marx. Politics as a vocation by Max Weber. My professor just wants to see how well i understand the questions. Also i don’t use a lot of fancy words so please try not to use them. I am a freshman at college; it’s my first semester.