the temple judaism one page response

What was the role of the Temple for ancient Judaism? What role did it play in Jewish memory since the destruction of the Second Temple? Let us ignore for the time being the geopolitical tensions – What would be at stake if the Temple was somehow rebuilt? Should daily animal sacrifices be done as Torah demands? There were daily morning and evening sacrifices. On Passover, the ancient historian Josephus wrote, 200,000 lambs, goats and sheep were slaughtered for the Seder meal. (Don’t forget that millions of cattle are slaughtered in the USA every year.) What are religious implications if Temple ritual was restored? What about cultural implications?

Please take the voice of either an Orthodox or Ultra-Orthodox Jew, a Reformed Jew, and a Conservative Jew. Argue from their point of view about the consequences or even if the rituals should be or need to be resumed. This is the most important part of the discussion.
Finally, only after you have argued from the point of view of one of the forms of Judaism, state your own view.

Please cite references