The Treatment of Love in the Gitagovinda Custom Essay

The Treatment of Love in the Gitagovinda Introduction Gitagovinda is translated as the “Song of the Cowherd” and was composed in twelfth century by one of the Indian epic poets Jayadeva who was a fervent devotee of Krishna hence the presence of the Vaishanava faith that include the worship of Vishnu and its avatars with Krishna as the original and supreme God (Greenlees, 56). In this poem Jayadeva sings of the mystical amours between Radha and Krsna by elaborating on the love of the cosmic duo thus creating an aesthetic atmosphere of erotic-mystical mood that is a bliss for the devotees of Krishna and this hence gives Gitagovinda a divine adornment and devotional orientation. It is a poem about an illicit relationship between Radha and Krishna defined by an intense yearning for Viraha or love in separation.

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