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FILM. Watch Pow-wow Highway and Smoke Signals, two very highly thought-of films about Native American life. Based on your viewing, compare and, OK, contrast the stories and themes of these films and see what you can learn about the Native American experience of America and the clash of cultures between red and white peoples. What, in your opinion, would be the just thing to do to reconcile Native culture with the rest of America?

C. DANCE. Try to take a closer look at Native dance traditions. From your viewing of native american dance film, you’ll already know that these dances come from long traditions of story-telling and the drama of events from the tribe’s history. Try to metaphorically put on your moccasins so you can walk in the shoes of an Indian and feel what telling the story through movement and chanting would be like? What would you expect to feel? How would this inform your religious faith? What would it be like if you were told it was against the law to dance and chat? It might help your thinking process if you found some Native poetry on line to inspire yousome Native wisdom. Go for it!

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