theories of crime social construction of crime amp postmodernism

Create one powerpoint slide about Social construction of crime & postmodernism:

Social construction of crime & postmodernism

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chapter 9-

This chapter is riddled with sociological, philosophical, and political concepts that may be overwhelming for an undergraduate student to digest. Take your time with this chapter, but instead of getting bogged down with the deep sociological discourse in this chapter, think of how this perspective is applicable today. Think of our political climate, current employment situation, growing gap between the rich and the poor, shrinking middle class, wall street bail out, etc. I think that if we examine this from a social justice lens, we might learn more about this perspective.


Also, I need a brief statement explaining what Social construction of crime & postmodernism is so i can speak for about 3 minutes over the slide and explain what is in the slide. make sure whatever you give me to speak about sounds like i understand the material, and it is using simple words nothing that makes me look like i’m reading out of a book.

-Make sure that when you create the powerpoint slide you include an image representing Social construction of crime & postmodernism. and very minimal words.

The words are what i will speak over the slide with explaining what Social construction of crime & postmodernism is